Does Your Boiler Need an Annual Service?

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What is a boiler service?

A boiler service involves several checks performed by a qualified gas safe registered engineer. This ensures your boiler is working efficiently so that your property is safe as well as everyone in it.

It’s recommended that boiler servicing takes place every 12 months. For new boilers especially, an annual service is crucial to meet the terms of your warranty.

When does a new boiler need its first boiler service?

In order to meet the terms of the warranty, your boiler should be serviced 12 months after it has been fitted in your home. Thereafter, it should be serviced every 12 months.

What is a boiler installation?

A boiler installation is fitting of a new boiler in a property which includes connecting all pipes, valves, fittings and other controls.

Modern boilers tend to last between 10-15 years and are most likely able to run efficiently for the duration of their lives.

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Why are boilers important?

Boilers are vital in our homes, they enable us to have essential heating and hot water especially during the winter months.

Older boilers tend to break down more often and parts are more difficult to get hold of, in order to carry out repairs. Newer models of boilers will come with a warranty which would have been registered when installed.

It is also very important to use qualified gas safe engineers such as those at G&K Heating who have the technical skills to install, repair and service both gas boilers and electric boilers.

You can have complete confidence in our workmanship and professionalism when new gas appliances are installed in your home.

Is your boiler still under warranty?

Several newer boilers will be covered with a warranty after the installation. If you’re not sure if you are eligible for replacement parts or other related costs, it’s always worth calling the manufacturer to double check if your boiler warranties still apply.

This way you will save unnecessary costs!

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Benefits to having a boiler service

✅ The gas engineer will check that your boiler is running efficiently which reduces fuel consumption. This is also better for the environment and your carbon footprint.

✅ Not having a boiler service can invalidate the warranty for your boiler. It is important that you check the terms and condition of your warranty to see if that is an essential procedure which ties in with your contract.

✅ An engineer may spot an issue with the boiler that can be salvaged before any damages can worsen.

✅ Having your boiler serviced can extend your boilers lifespan as issues can be dealt with and essential parts can be replaced if needed. In the long run it might be more financially beneficial to get a boiler service each year than to have to replace a boiler years earlier than you initially needed to.

✅ The UK winter months are when your heating system will be put to the test and for longer periods of time! Making sure your boiler is working to its very best during winter is essential as you don’t want to be left without hot water and heating on a cold winter’s night. Especially if you are expecting guests around Christmas!

✅ An annual boiler service keeps your family and friends safe. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly and the gas itself cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. It’s essential that your boiler is monitored every year in case of any gas leaks.

Benefits to having a boiler installation

✅ Older boilers become less efficient as the years go by and result in larger monthly heating bills.

✅ Changing to a new gas boiler provides homeowners with a piece of mind which eliminates the fear of your boiler breaking down and not being able to afford to get it fixed.

✅ Your new boiler will likely be under warranty so you’ll be covered by the manufacturer for up to 15 years! (Check with your manufacturer for more details).

✅ Newer gas boilers are compatible with smart controls thermometers which allows you to alter the temperature of your house at the click of a button. This can also save you money on your heating bills.

✅ A new boiler looks more aesthetically pleasing which makes for a more attractive home.

✅ New boilers are slightly smaller which means it takes up less room and can fit easily in a smaller cupboard. Also providing more options for placement in a particular room.

✅ Newer boilers are quieter and burn emissions more efficiently so the noises aren’t a burden or at all concerning.

What does a boiler service include?

When our gas safe registered engineers service your boiler, there are a few things that they will do each time.

Boiler Inspection

They will first inspect your boiler to see if there are any cracks or visible damage and then they will test how your boiler works. Only trained professionals should take off the boiler casting to see how the boiler operates.

Flue and Gas Pressure Check

Our heating engineers will check if the gas pressure is correct and if the flue has been correctly installed and that there aren’t any obstructions. This is important as a blocked flue can cause carbon monoxide leaks.

Boiler cleaning

Our gas safe engineers will then clean certain parts of the boiler like the heat exchanger and the combustion chamber to ensure that there is no deposit left from the gas burning.

Expansion Vessel Air Pressure Check

In sealed boiler systems, there is a requirement for an expansion vessel for excess water. This is because as water is heated up in the system it needs somewhere to go when it expands to reduce pressure.

Sometimes the expansion vessel’s pressure drops and the heating engineer will have to correct this by using a foot pump.

Smaller components checks

As part of the boiler servicing, your engineer will check all the components of the boiler, including electrical connections, fans, seals and pipes.

The engineer will also be able to check whether required safety devices, such as the flow switch are properly working.

Final checks

Finally, the engineer will restart your boiler and make sure that it’s working as it should. They will also check to see if your carbon monoxide alarm is working properly.

Your boiler should have a full service history – this is crucial for it to remain under warranty, and at this time your engineer should be able to fill out all the paperwork too.

This also is a good time to ask your gas safe engineer to answer any questions that you may have regarding your boiler.

What else you can do to improve the lifespan of your boiler?


A powerflush is sometimes needed to deal with excessive build-up caused by your boiler and radiators’ inefficiency. The powerflush machine itself works by cleaning out any blockages you have in your system with an appropriate product and water.

The older your boiler gets the more likely it is to need a powerflush. Two key signs you might need a powerflush are the temperature of your home isn’t as high as it used to be and the bottom of your radiator being cold. Other signs include:

  • Excessive noise from your central heating pump or boiler
  • Radiators being slow to warm up
  • Some radiators struggling to heat up more than others
  • Non-consistent temperatures across some or all of your radiators
  • Water is discoloured or no water escapes at all when bleeding your radiators

Bleed Your Radiators

cast iron radiator

A build-up of air in your radiators can cause them from heating up like they should. What you should do is:

1. Turn off your radiators and leave for 30 minutes.

2. Using a radiator key, open the top valve.

3. Wait for the hissing sound to stop and tighten back up.

4. Turn the heating on and check its warming better than it was before.

Turn on your heating in the summer

Inactivity can damage your boiler! During the summer switching on your heating isn’t something you’d normally consider. However, if you turn your heating on for 10 minutes once a month, it allows all the hydraulic components of the system to fire up and get moving.

How much does an annual boiler service cost?

The annual boiler service cost is typically £75 plus VAT, while boiler installation costs start from £1600 plus VAT, although the price will depend on type, make, model and warranty.


Getting your boiler serviced every year will allow it to work efficiently for longer. Boilers are such an expensive necessity and a broken boiler can be a huge pain to replace.

Our heating engineers will tell you that for the ease and overall safety of you and your household it is highly recommended to have your boiler serviced every 12 months.

If you want more questions answered surrounding a boiler service or boiler installation, get in contact with G&K heating and we will be able to give expert opinion on what’s best for your situation.

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