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G&K supporting Macmillan

In the month of December, G&K wanted to support Macmillan so we could help people living with cancer. We donated £1 for every invoice paid that month to carry on the trend of doing this with other charities we have supported in the past.

Chris, one of our engineers recently got married and didn’t ask for any gifts instead asked for donations towards Macmillan, this was a very kind gesture and it says a lot about him as a person. Everyone at G&K appreciated this generous act so much that they decided to support the cause the following month.

Charlie, G&K’s Digital Marketing Apprentice, wanted to help Macmillan especially as his mum works as a Macmillan nurse at East Surrey hospital. He appreciates the hard work that goes into looking after cancer patients everyday and making sure they are as comfortable as possible at such difficult times.

Between 2016-2018 there were around 375,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, that’s around 1000 everyday. Cancer cases are generally increasing with age and these numbers aren’t going to decline without funding. That’s why it’s important to raise as much as possible so we can help more people living with cancer.

We wanted to support Macmillan in other ways in December so we had a look on their website to see what else we could do to help and noticed that Macmillan are always fundraising at many events around the country. On Monday 20th December, Charlie volunteered for Macmillan at Brighton Christmas festival. It was a great event which ran throughout December and had food pop ups, gift stalls and other attractions which would keep families entertained.

Volunteering that afternoon involved selling several items just in time for Christmas such as cards, wrapping paper, tree ornaments and much more. Macmillan managed to raise £200.50 which will help a great deal in directly helping those living with cancer. This figure doesn’t highlight the awareness that was displayed on that day within the community. Charlie really enjoyed being part of the fundraising team that day and will definitely help Macmillan again in the future.

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