G&K supporting St Peter and St James hospice

climb of kilimanjaro challenge

In January we supported St Peter & St James hospice by donating £1 for every invoice paid that month. Our Digital Marketing apprentice Charlie wanted to get involved too as his friend’s dad, Ginge is climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his lifelong friend Rob on Saturday 22nd January to fundraise for the Hospice as they took great care of Natalie, Ginge’s wife when she bravely battled cancer before sadly passing away on Christmas Eve in 2019. Since then, Ginge and Rob have been working tirelessly to raise donations for this great cause with fundraisers, calendars, race nights and treks nationwide preparing himself for the big one in January.

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This hospice relies solely on donations which makes it even more vital that donations keep coming, Ginge and Rob created a Just Giving page called ‘Climbing for Nat’ and have raised an impressive £45,000 in the last 2 years which speaks volumes about their dedication to fund the hospice to enable them to run amazingly well as they have been for a long time. The overall goal is £50,000 and they are within touching distance of it!

kilimanjaro image

After speaking with the hospice, discussing about helping Ginge and Rob on their goal of reaching £50,000 – Kyle and Charlie set themselves a challenge of running the distance of Mount Kilimanjaro in just ONE week. This coincided with Ginge and Rob’s climb of Mount Kilimanjaro commencing on the same day. All of G&K’s donations raised went directly into the ‘Climbing for Nat’ Just Giving page.

· Kyle and Charlie ran together to reach a combined distance of 56 miles

· 8 runs between them equalling to just over 28 miles each.

· The first run being Monday 24th January

· The last run being Monday 31st January

· Every run took place at 5:30am on a treadmill

kilimanjaro challenge

Rob and Ginge managed to complete the climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, they did such an incredible job! Nat would be proud!

Kyle and Charlie also completed their challenge and got all 56 miles done in the one week which was physically very difficult but worth every aching muscle.

Any donation, big or small, contributes a great deal towards St Peter & St James hospice, so please help with any amount you can. You can donate by clicking here.

G&K heating will continue to help amazing causes like these and many more in our local community in the future as we really do care. If you would like to suggest any organisations close to your heart please let us know on our social media pages as we would love to be able to help our followers.