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UK households set to see energy bills rise by 50% in 2022!   

It is a very concerning time for homeowners. As most of our readers might be aware, energy bills are set to dramatically increase in all UK households by 50% in April 2022. This has caused frustration for many homeowners, demanding for there to be a change in the rise of bills residents will have to pay monthly. According to the BBC, 85% of homes in the UK use central heating which is a huge number of people and will affect everyone regardless of financial status. Even Boris Johnson has expressed his analogy on the matter stating “It’s like everybody going to put the kettle on at the end of a TV programme.” The quote explains the fact that supply is so high at the moment due to everyone’s needing their heating on high due to the current climate, it’s causing a dent on energy suppliers.

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) are Britain’s independent energy regulator. Their role is to protect consumers now and in the future by working to deliver a greener and fairer energy system. A cap, being the maximum amount consumers can be charged for each unit of gas and electricity they use was introduced in 2019. This will be reviewed every 6 months to consider several factors into the changes to certain regulations.

The cap will go up by 51% on April 1st 2022 and will be at an all-time high of £1995 per year for households. For many residents this will add huge pressures to their increased monthly expenditures.

Why energy bills are rising

You might be asking yourself ‘why are they increasing our energy bills again?’ The reason for this is due to supply and demand. As the weather gets colder over the winter months, there were far more people cranking up their heating to facilitate for those who were freezing in their own homes. This has caused there to be more of a demand for gas therefore a shortage in supply resulting wholesale gas can charge more for it. This of course leaves us with no choice but to accept the skyrocketing costs.

Who will be affected the most?

The rise in energy bills will be damning for so many households nationwide. This is going to be particularly worse for people who are working from home, those living in larger properties and people who have to keep warm due to medical reasons. Overall if an individual or family burn a higher number of units than the average household, your monthly energy bills will be greater than the average.

Will all properties in Brighton be affected by the rise in energy bills?

Sadly the answer is yes, all homes in Brighton will be affected by these rising costs. It might be an ideal time to change tariffs with a different provider if you think you’re paying enough as it is. This has caused an uproar amongst the public, not only in Brighton but the entire UK.

How to save money on your energy bills as they are set to rise

· Purchase a meter reader if you haven’t got one already. This is to monitor how much energy your home is using every day in order to stay on top of it and keep your spending’s down.

· It’s cosier to snuggle up to a pet on the sofa to remain comfortable in these winter months. If you don’t have a pet, a blanket is just as warm to remain wrapped up!

· After you’ve finished cooking food in the oven, keep the oven door open after use to make sure the last bit of heat escapes from the oven which travels through your home to keep you warm from that heat energy from the oven you’ve already used.

· New efficient radiators give off a great heat output so your rooms can warm up quicker. Thermostatic radiator valves can also be considered to allow for room temperatures to be regulated and easily shut off for rooms in your home that are not used.

· If everyone living in your property Is out of the house whether that is due to work, doing the weekly shop or visiting a friend, turn off the heating! This is to ensure you’re saving money on your heating bill when you’re not actually using it.

· Wearing warm, thick socks during winter is vital! Especially if you have wooden floor, it may send shivers down your spine! Wear warm clothes such as a woolly hat or a comfortable jumper you can put on to ensure you don’t catch a cold.

· It’s always a good idea to check all the windows and doors are closed inside your home which could cause there to be an unwanted draft lingering through the house. Be sensible before the heat escapes and the cold air wafts in your direction.

· An additional point from the last tip could be implementing draft stoppers underneath your front door. This is to ensure the cold breeze doesn’t squeeze through the gaps to the interior of your home.

· Turn your room thermostat down by a degree or two until you notice the discomfort as many people have their thermostats higher than they need to.

· Invest in better heating systems! Although they might be costly when purchasing outright, in the long run you will save money. Some include phone wireless thermostats so you can turn off your heating from your phone. Studies show that replacing the room thermostat to one that is more efficient can reduce heating bills by 10% over the winter months